You Can Have Mine

by Big Giant Circles (Jimmy Hinson)



My sister's husband is a great guy. I love them both. A while back, he was diagnosed with failing kidneys. As it turns out, my sister was a compatible match and last week she donated one of hers to him. They're both pretty poor college students and as such, swimming in debt to pay for it. They work harder than I ever have and are still facing bills to pay on top of whatever medical expenses the transplant operation incurred. This song is dedicated to them, and I plan on donating the proceeds towards paying off their operation.

This track is also a preview of my upcoming album of similar chiptune-inspired music which is available now at (or just click the album over on the right of the page!) Thanks so much for listening, and those of you who purchase/donate, you receive my deepest love and gratitude. :]

*UPDATE Feb 2012*
Generosity keeps trickling in, I'm deeply moved by the continuing support! So far the official numbers are 186 donations for a total of $900.72! Thank you all so much, it means a lot to me, and I know it means a lot to my family!


released June 14, 2011


all rights reserved



Big Giant Circles Dallas, Texas

Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson writes music for and inspired by Video Games. At least, he does when he's not playing them. Which he does. A lot.

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